How Do I Stretch My Rectum?


You can stretch your rectum with the use of sex toys designed specifically for anal play. Do not try a large size right away, go slow and use plenty of lubrication to avoid tearing.
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well just depends on how much time you have, ive been around the block and seen some crazy stuff the most ive seen stretched is 3 inches across but i wouldn't be surprised if you
It is 5-6 in. (13-15 cm) long, Although i heard you can stretch it to
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The cause(s) of bad body odor is sometimes sweat and heat, but other times it can be alergic reactions to anything that gets close to your body.
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Hemorrhoids are swollen but typically present blood vessels in and around the lower rectum and anus that stretch under pressure. Hemorrhoids are usually not dangerous ...
The large intestine stretches out to be around 5-feet long. The major parts of the large intestine include the cecum, colon, and rectum. The cecum resembles a ...
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