How Do I Take a Self Portrait with a Kodak Z730 Digital Camera?


The Kodak z730 Easyshare Digital Camera does have a self portrait mode that you can use to take a self portrait if you have access to the manual. You can also take the easy way out by positioning your camera in front of a mirror. Make sure that you see the back of the camera when you look in the mirror. Snap the picture.
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1. Set your camera on the tripod in an area inside or out with good lighting and a plain background. Adjust the height so that you can take headshots of yourself. Stand 1 to 2 feet
Your camera does appear to have a B setting. Go to the Kodak support page for your camera and download the manual:…. Set the camera
Illumination bulb to contest the room you're photographing in - luminous if glowing, tungsten if tungsten. Similar product as well as method if achievable: Additional than a few sheets
This interactive Kodak digital camera tutorial takes you through every step necessary to fully familiarize yourself with the Kodak EasyShare Z730 Zoom digital camera. If you just
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