How Do I Take Out a Restraining Order?


To take out a restraining order, one needs to complete the appropriate paperwork which can be found through domestic violence sources, the court clerk and from legal aid. These forms must then be signed in front of a Notary Public before filing them with the court clerk. In emergency cases, one should contact the court to request an ex parte order.
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To get a restraining order you will need to fill out the appropriate forms, turning them in to your local police department. If the restraining order is approved, someone will be
1. Go to the county courthouse and file the appropriate paperwork with the clerk's office. Depending on your county, you might file in the county where you live, where the alleged
1 Be at least 14-18 years of age . The required age differs among jurisdictions. Restraining orders for people considered to be minors must be filed by a parent. Parents are legally
A stipulated restraining order means: a condition or a requirement stated in the restraining order.
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If you are the one who had the restraining order placed, you can take it off by going back to the same police station or court and telling them you want it dropped ...
Restraining orders are court orders that are placed on people who are harassing or abusing others. This is commonly seen with celebrities who place restraining ...
Yes you can take out a restraining order against a juvenile in Texas. If you are wanting to put a retraining order on them, you will need to have a really good ...
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