How Do I Take Pics from a Cam Recorder and Put Them on DVD?


Most cam recorders come stock with a cord that would allow you to hook up one end to the cam recorder and a USB end that you then hook up to your computer. Once you have downloaded the images or video to the program on your computer, you can then burn that information onto a DVD.
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First, download the pics to your computer. (Open the email, click on the picture and save it, remember where you save it to) Unless you have a lot of pictures, it's probably better
They have USB drive turntables to do just what you want. . Squeeky-changes-suck. 31 months ago.
Try sending them from your email to your phone as a picture/video message. ONce you get the message, you can then save the sound to MY SOUNDS. Or, use a site like MYXERTONES to convert
Which Tivo series are you referring? Tivo Series 1 - purchase of a modification kit are required if you want to transfer video from the Tivo to a PC. Tivo Series 1 has no DRM encryption
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