How Do I Take the Contraceptive Pill?


A contraceptive pill is a tablet that contains two female hormones. There are different contraceptive pills which have different prescriptions. There are those that are taken on a daily basis and those which are taken after engaging in a sexual activity. The two hormones stop your ovulation thus preventing you from getting pregnant. Take the pills according to the prescription given when you buy the pills.
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The contraceptive pill is a tablet containing oestrogen and progestogen female hormones which prevent you from ovulating each month. There is a large variety of these pills and they are normally package with a prescription to guide you on how to use them. One example is the 21 pill packet which contains tablets which you take one every day for three weeks before taking a break during your periods.
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The contraceptive pill is said to be about 98% acurate when used correctly. Women who do not consistantly use a contraceptive pill correctly are at risk for unwanted pregnancies.
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It is a pill designed to prevent you from becoming pregnant if you have had unprotected sex.
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Take the first pill of the pack on the first day of your period or on the first Sunday after your period begins. Drink a full glass of water with it. Consult your ...
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