How do I Take the Door Panel Off my Car?


To take a door panel of the car you will need to locate the screws keeping it locked in place. The screws can be found around the inside door handle and along the edges of the panel. Some may be pop up screws you press in the middle and the screw slides out. Once you take off the screws pop out the door panel out of the clips, or try lifting it up vertically and away from the door. Be careful not to brake anything and take your time.
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1. Open the door you will be working on. 2. Remove any screws or bolts holding the door panel onto the frame with the appropriate-sized screwdriver(s) The screws are typically in
Thats usually not a really hard process on most any vehicle first you want to make sure there are no screws,sometimes they are hidden undercovers around the door handle,armrest,top
Since this question is in the Saturn area, it must be assumed that you are asking about removal of a Saturn door panel. The inner door panel of a Saturn is not removable, it is integral
1 Open the door. Ad 2 If the lock sticks out of the top of the inner panel, remove it--usually by unscrewing it.
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