How Do I Tell an Authentic Cartier Watch?


To authenticate a Cartier watch, note the serial number on the watch and call a Cartier adviser at (877) 227-8431 to confirm the watch's authenticity. You can also read the engravings on the watch carefully and ensure the brand name is spelt correctly.
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1. Look over the watch for the word Cartier, generally printed on the face of the watch. Many fakes misspell the word, and it is clear you have a fake if "Cartier" is written
A lot of watch-sellers, like wonderwatches include certificates of authenticity. Many people also take their Cartier watches to watch dealers so they can have them inspected for signs
Cartier watches have a serial number on the back or inside the mechanism. Take it to a jeweler and he will tell you if it is authentic.
I specialize in buying and selling Cartier watches. I've seen fakes with all the correct marks and a serial number, but that doesn't mean they are legitimate. If the watch was registered
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How to Tell an Authentic Cartier Watch
Cartier watches are fine jewelry that are made out of only the best materials. Cartier uses several techniques to identify and mark its watches so that an authentic Cartier watch can be told apart from a fake one. The surest way to know you have... More »
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