How Do I Tell If a Cats Leg Is Sprains or Broken?


Cats are typically graceful creatures, but they can still break or sprain their leg. To tell if it is sprained, see if they can put weight on it. If they can still walk on it, it is most likely sprained.
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If you see any swelling you should bring him in right away. The way that I can tell if my kitty is hurting somewhere, is i push or squeeze that area and judge their reaction. But
The best thing to do is take it to the vet and ask the vet for instructions.
1. Decide if you can still walk on your ankle. If you're still able to walk (with a little soreness) you likely have a sprain. Sprains can be minor, such as a stretched ligament from
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If a cat has a broken leg, it will be pretty obvious. The cat may be limping or gimping around. The cat may also show signs of pain such as meowing or hissing ...
If a cat has a broken pelvis the symptoms will be the same as if its back is broken. The cat will not be able to use its back legs. The cat will show signs of ...
Sprains are damages or strains that occur to ligament tissues of the body. This is sometimes very painful and the likely of this hood increases in animals because ...
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