How Do I Tell If My Goldfish Is Male or Female?


The most commonly used way to tell the sex of a gold fish involves waiting for the spawning season. During this period, females become heavier and may appear lopsided, while males develop rough white flecks over their gills and the front of their pectoral fins. Another way to tell the sex of a goldfish is to use the vent shapes. Male goldfish have a shallow, recessed vent, while females have vents that stand out slightly from their bodies.
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1. Observe several goldfish in an aquarium together. Make sure that there are at least a dozen to virtually assure that there will be a combination of males and females. 2. Watch
First of all, the question is confusing since a male goldfish could never be female. I'm going to assume you mean how to tell the sex of a goldfish. Following are some methods that
Midline ridge: male goldfish have a ridge running through the back
In most goldfish, the differences can only be observed when they are sexually mature. Female do have rounder and fuller body contour. Male's body is somewhat slimmer and they have
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