How Do I Tell My Boyfriend I Have Chlamydia?


The best way to tell one's partner that one has chlamydia is to be honest and frank. Also, one must need to be sure, so proper diagnostics must be taken.
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i was straight up with him, i mean i was shy and i did not know how to tell him but it was better for him to know. in the end it wasn't a big deal abut it because his dad is a Dr.
1. Be aware of your sexual partner's health. If a partner you have been with in the past tests positive, there is a good chance you could have contracted the disease - or you could
If your boyfriends seems interested in or attracted to other males then he may be gay. Although it may be difficult, the best way to find out is to ask him.
"How can I tell if my boyfriend really loves me?" This question can keep popping up no matter how long you've been together with your significant other. Unfortunately, there
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Chlamydia is a bacteria that causes infection. It is considered a sexually transmitted disease. The symptoms of Chlamydia can be undetected for months. It is better ...
To tell the partner, 'I have Chlamydia' is quite hard. It is something that just needs to be communicated. Chlamydia is known as a silent killer, as it can have ...
If you cheated on your boyfriend, whether you tell him or not is up to you and can be decided based on the situation. In general, honesty is the best policy and ...
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