How Do I Test a Car Battery with a Multimeter?


To test a car battery with a multimeter, first disconnect the cables from the battery. Set the multimeter to 50 volt scale. Connect the red lead to the battery terminal and attach the black lead to the positive. Read the gauge after 15 seconds. It should read at least 9.6 volts. If less than that, a battery replacement is needed.
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How to Test a Car Battery with a Multimeter
Use a multimeter to test a car battery fuse. Learn how to check if a car battery is working in this free video.... More »
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You can test a car battery with a multimeter by touching the ground or black terminal on the battery with the black wire on the multimeter. Then you touch the red wire to the red terminal on the battery and it will tell you how many amps your battery has.
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To test a battery with a multimeter, you first want to make sure that the terminals of the battery are clean. Do not try to test a battery that looks corroded. ...
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