How Do I Thicken Runny Frosting?


You can thicken runny frosting by adding a little more powdered sugar. Alternatively, you can add a little cornstarch. Also try refrigerating the frosting for a while.
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How to Thicken Runny Frosting
Homemade frosting can be made as a sweet topping for cakes, donuts, brownies, and cookies. The most challenging part of making frosting can be finding the right consistency. A frosting that is too runny or too thick will be difficult to spread.... More »
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The easiest way to thicken runny frosting is to add more powdered sugar. Add only one half cup at a time. If it is hot in your kitchen, refrigerate the frosting for an hour to see if that helps as well. When a frosting is too runny it is likely that too much vanilla or flavor extract was added. It is also likely that the butter used was not whole butter, or it softened too much and began to melt. Following a frosting recipe exactly as it is written is important.
The easiest way to thicken runny frosting is to add more powdered sugar to it. The powdered sugar will soak up the extra water and thicken the frosting. Make sure to add it a little at a time to get the right consistancy.
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Thickening frosting without powdered sugar involves combining cornstarch and granulated white sugar in a food processor. To thicken it, first you have to turn ...
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