How to Tie Die?


Tie dieing is best if the item you are dieing is white. Twist it up, put rubber bands on it, and tie knows all over. When you are done, take contrasting bright colors and a turkey baster and douse, dip, or squirt the colors in various areas of the
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1. Wash and dry new T-shirts to remove any chemicals used in the manufacturing process. This will make the fabric accept the dye easily. 2. Soak the T-shirts in a sodium carbonate
Tie-Dyeing is simple to do but can be messy as well. Materials include: a white shirt, rubber bands, fiber reactive-dye / dye bath, and rubber gloves. To start tie your shirt with
It will never be neat. designs will never be exactly the same. design are unpredictable.
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There are several steps to tie dye a shirt. It is best if you get a 100 percent cotton shirt. Next you need a tie dye kit or Procion dyes. Next you soak your shirt ...
Tie die is a process of oppose dyeing textiles or clothing which is made from knit or woven fabric, usually cotton; typically using bright colours. It is a technique ...
To tie dye, you will need some white cotton shirts, soda ash, rubber bands, proclon dye, plastic gloves, squirt bottles, a clear area for doing the project, and ...
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