How Do I Tone down Brassy Highlights?


The best way to tone down brassy highlights is to use a toner. A toner will help to take out the brassiness. Sally's Beauty Supply is a beauty store that sells toners for toning down brassy highlights.
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1. Use the color wheel to help you. Find the color of your hair (usually yellow or orange) and look to the color on the opposite side of the wheel. This is the base color that you
dang wish you had a picture. maybe try john frieda shampoo & conditioner of whichever color is more dominant. i know for the blonde one is said "say goodbye to brassiness
yes there is s a product i think it is called shimmering lights ,im not sure.its dark purple shampoo.there are other makes of this kind of a hair salon they will know
Buy a different kind of lightbulb for your bathroom.
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To get rid of brassy highlights they sell shampoos in stores that will tone it down. The shampoos are just made for this purpose and it is amazing how well they ...
To fix brassy highlights, start by placing a pair of rubber gloves and then combine semi-permanent hair colour and developer in a bottle. Add some blue toner into ...
You can reduce the brassy color in your brown hair by dying. You could also use hair toning shampoo in order to tone down the brassiness of it. ...
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