How Do I Track a Package without a Tracking Number?


There are several ways to track a package if you do not have a tracking number for your consignment for example check the status of your UPS consignment using a reference or track your UPS package using Quantum View. Alternatively contact the company that prepared the consignment
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How to Track a Package Without a Tracking Number
There are several ways to track a package if you do not have a tracking number for your shipment. You must know the carrier that is handling the shipment. If you are the receiver of the package, contact the sender to find out what carrier is handling the... More »
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It is more difficult to track a package without a tracking number, but it can be done. You can call the company or person who sent the package to you. If it was an order from business, they may be able to provide you with information as to when it was shipped. You can also track packages with information other than the tracking number. A purchase or customer number can often be used to track packages as well.
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If you do not have a UPS tracking number, you can try tracking it using a customer number or a purchase order number. If you are not sure of the tracking number, ...
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