How do I Track my Ebay Item?


You can track your eBay item by clicking the series of numbers just below the item title in your user interface. It appears when the seller uses USPS to ship. If there is no number, you will have to contact the seller and ask for the tracking number. You can find more information here:
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1. Log into your eBay account. 2. Go to "My eBay" to access information regarding your buying and selling history. Any items recently purchased will be located here, along
you will get a tracking number through your ebay messeges, or if ythey printed a shipping label through paypal then it will have something next ot it that says track shipment.
Sometimes the seller doesn't bother to inform you of your purchase. I suggest you email the seller and ask when he/she mailed your item and when you can reasonably expect to get it.
A lot of this will depend on your feedback and transaction history on eBay/Paypal because new accounts are far more restricted now than they were before, especially if you're coming
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To track your Ebay item is have them to put a tracking number on it. When they send you the tracking number. It will be sent to your email address and what ever place ships your item. Wither or not it is UPS USPS or FEDEX you can track it.
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