How Do I Track Websites Visited on My Computer?


One can track the websites visited on your computer by checking the 'history' from your web browser. You can go to the tools section of your browser and search for your web history so you can track the websites that have been recently visited.
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1. Open a new Firefox web browser window. 2. Click on the "History" icon, located on the top menu bar. 3. Click on "Show All History, a new window will open. 4. Double-click
to find websites that a computer has visited, you are referring to the "history". It is fairly easy to find a computers history (given that a user did not wipe the history
Actually a lot happens within the computer. There is a whole stack of technology. I'm going to simplify here but at the top level is the browser software. The browser does a few things
Yes, it is possible. You can install some monitoring software like aobo keylogger on your computer to monitor what's is happening. Then set the software to send you all the logs.
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If you are not using a company computer, your employer does not have access to your personal computer and the websites you have been on, however, they can view ...
To find what websites have been visited on a computer, you look at something called History. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox have History right on their menus ...
ISPs do not completely track every website you visit on the internet. What they do track is your IP address. Once you sign in to your ISP's system, your IP address ...
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