How Do I Transfer Contacts from HTC Desire to iPhone?


The HTC desire is a phone which resembles I phone 4G in many ways. To transfer contacts from HTC desire to I phone, you may use the blue tooth feature in both the phones. Before you transfer the contacts, you will need to pair the HTC with the blue tooth of the I phone.
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Blutooth won't work. You know. here is an idea. You need export the contacts out of HTC Desire S to computer and save as .csv file. with tool such as Wondershare Andorid phone backup
1. Install ActiveSync by inserting the installation CD that comes with the HTC Touch. Click "Setup and Installation" when prompted. Check the box that reads "ActiveSync
Export the contacts to your sd card, connect the eris to the computer with the usb cord, set the phone to usb mass storage mode by pulling down the notification bar, choosing the
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