How Do I Transfer Photos FRM My Computer to My Fujifilm Camera?


The simplest thing to do if you want to transfer your photos to your camera is plug your camera directly in to your computer. Every digital camera is supplied with a cable to let you attach it to your PC. It is usually a USB cable at one end and a small mini-USB camera connection at the other.
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1. Insert your camera's memory card into the computer's memory card reader. If your computer does not have a memory card reader you will need to purchase a USB/memory card adapter
You can transfer it, with usb cable that came with camera. If it didn't you must buy one.
A Canon 7D is my primary camera. I only shoot RAW files. They are approximately 25-30MB each. It can take 8 pictures per second. I can fill a 32GB card in a day of shooting things
You shouldn't need any special programs with your camera if you have Windows XP. If your camera has a USB port and cable, simply plug it into your computer on a free USB port and
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There are two common methods of transferring digital photos from a digital camera to a computer. One can do this by either connecting the camera directly to the ...
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