How do I trim pampas grass?


Early in the spring pampas grass should be trimmed to about one foot high. Gather the fronds of the pampas grass together and tie a rope around the base. Just above the rope, cut through the grass with sharp garden sheers. 
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How to Trim Pampas Grass
Trimming pampas grass is typically done midway through the winter. Usually the pampas grass is trimmed to get rid of the brown blades that have died. Although they do not harm anything, cutting them away improves the aesthetics of your landscaping. The... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
The pampas grass is a great way to decorate your yard and easy to trim. You will need to trim your established grass in the spring right before growing season. To do this you will work from the outside in and just grab handfuls and cut to desired height.
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