How do you troubleshoot a circuit breaker?


Better ask a electrician for help, it requires some knowledge of electric circuit. If you insist, I recommend this step-by-step guide from this page.
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How to Troubleshoot a Circuit Breaker
Every home with electricity is equipped with a breaker panel which functions partly as a safety device that shuts off power to areas that are overloaded or have a short. A breaker that trips should be investigated to determine whether there was an... More »
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You can troubleshoot a circuit breaker, by making sure all your circuit breakers are in the on position. If a circuit breaker is in the off position move it to the on position.
You can troubleshoot a circuit breaker by strike that, by turning the switch to off and then back to on. You can also remove the breaker and attach a voltmeter. The volt meter will indicate if the breaker is good.
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