How Do I Tune My Sky Remote to My TV?


To tune Sky remote to a TV first get Sky Remote full batteries and make sure your TV and sky are connected to each other and turned on then put your TV to channel 1 (BBC 1) and press TV on the remote again press Red and Select at the same time and wait until the red light flashes twice on the top of your remote again press TV and Power button on Sky remote repeatedly and alternating from TV, and then power and once the TV has switched off, be careful not to press TV again at this point or you will need to repeat the process and finally press select.
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1. Turn on your TV. 2. Remove the battery cover from the back or back/bottom of your Sky remote control. 3. Get your TV remote control code. Look for your remote control version number
The Sky+ remote should automatically default to Sony TV's. Leave the batteries out for a few minutes and try again. The Code for Sony is 0000. Or try this :- With TV and sky box on.
Hi - Try 0206 also view info and link many more there - please let me know if it's a worker! Also check the model of your remote just inside the battery cover.good luck. Note: The
Your Sky remote can be programmed for use with you TV set, the code is specific to you TV make and model call 08702435000 fo
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To program your sky remote to your TV, you will first need to select any channel on the TV and point away from the TV your Sky+ remote control, and press the TV ...
In order to be able to tune your sky digital remote to your TV, first you will need to select any channel on the TV and point away from the TV your Sky+ remote ...
The sky TV remote should have full batteries then ensure the TV and sky are turned on and connected to each other. Put the television channel to BBC1 then press ...
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