How do I Turbo Charge my Car?


To turbocharge your car, you need to figure out what size you need for your car. Next, gather your materials. They include exhaust tubing, silicone clips, and welding tools. You can find more information here:
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To add turbo charge to your car you will need to purchase an aftermarket turbocharger to install. You must be careful when installing a turbocharger. If installed incorrectly you can do serious harm to your engine. You can find more information here:
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You can put a turbo on a car when you take the turbine housing and the header gasket off. Connect all the turbo lines up, then add the turbo with the support brackets inside the engine
1. Install either a boost-actuated or electronically-actuated wastegate. The wastegate will act as a bypass, routing exhaust gases around the turbocharger's impeller blade to limit
A turbo charged Subaru car is a small very fast foreign vehicle known for its
A turbo charger is basically a fan that is powered by the exhaust gasses and force more air into the engine. More air means it can burn more fuel, and more fuel means that the engine
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Depends on the car. To turbo charge a car on a DIY style your going to have to know how to fabricate up all your parts. so it will be allot of trial and error ...
You can turbo charge any car with getting the kit that you're going to need to put it in there. This can come from you're local parts store or looking into junk ...
A turbocharged engine will inevitably need replaced at sometime in the future and that can be very costly. The Lotus Elise is a small exotic car with a lot of ...
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