How Do I Turn off Auto Fill?


You can turn off Auto fill from the Internet Explorer's tools menu. Select content tabs from the tools menu, click settings and then click on any checked boxes to turn off Auto complete.
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1. Open your browser and go to Click 'Install' to install the Google toolbar. Accept the terms of service, install, and then restart your browser. 2. Click the
1. Tap the. Menu. icon or press your. Menu. button to get to the main menu. If you have a 4-square button, press that and a small menu will open up. 2. Tap the. Settings. icon. It
Depends on the browser you are using, but usually under preferences. This is not something usually associated with poor PC performance.
i've been thru that too. use default values if possible.
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To turn off auto fill, click on the tools menu at the top right of Internet Explorer and select the internet options from the tool bar. Next, click on the Content ...
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