How Do I Turn off BT 1571?


You cannot turn off BT 1571 except by cancelling the service; this will ensure that you do not miss an incoming call. BT Answer 1571 is net based answering services that will give responses to calls when you are either not near the telephone or held-up on another call. With the service always activated on the line, you don't have to be worried by the thought of having to remember to turn BT Answer 1571 on.
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call bt and ask them to cancel it.
u will need to call bt 0800 800 829 open mon-sat 7.30 am till 10pm gets u straight through no need to press options
BT 1571 Help…… How do I remove BT Answer 1571 from my line? Please call our advisors
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It is impossible to turn BT Answer 1571 off unless you cancel the service. This ensures that you do not miss an incoming call. You can contact the BT Answer 1571 ...
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