How Do I Unblock a Sink without a Plunger?


You can unblock a sink without a plunger by using the boiling water method. You first mop up as much available water as you can using a big sponge and then pour a small amount of washing up fluid into the plug hole and let the fluid infiltrate for 15 minutes before adding the steaming water. This method is fairly effective in unblocking kitchen sinks that are blocked by grease or food particles.
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A blocked toilet can cause the flush water to overflow or rise precariously close to the rim and then drain slowly, if at all. Toilet clogs usually occur due to built-up tissue paper
1. First go to the cupboard in the kitchen, then pick a plastic cup or glass, whichever one looks like the bottom of the cup will fit over the hole in the sink best. Ad. 2. Take it
it builds up air pressure and sucking First answer by Normajean69. Last edit by Normajean69. Contributor trust: 8 [recommend contributor]. Question popularity: 1 [recommend question
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There are many ways on how to unblock a kitchen sink including using commercial products or calling a plumber. If you wish to do it yourself, take a drain plunger ...
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