How Do I Unblock Someone's Number?


Unblocking depends on how the number was blocked. If you blocked the number through a mobile application, then go to the application and delete the number from block list. If you blocked it through your cellular service, call your cellular service helpline to unblock someone's number.
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1. Dial "60" from a touch-tone phone to enter the selective-call-rejection system. 2. Press the " button to unblock a number. 3. Dial the number you wish to unblock
Finding who is calling from a private number can be a difficult task to do. However, if you wish you may call your phone service provider to see if they can find out who is calling.
You can press *82 before you dial to unblock the number for that call only. Thanks for asking ChaCha!
1 Login to Facebook . Click on the "Account" tab in the upper right of the page, then select "Account Settings", then select "Privacy". To go there
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To unblock someone from your Facebook, click on the account menu at the top of the page, then privacy settings, then manage blocked list. Just click 'unblock' ...
If you want to unblock your number permanently, you need to call your phone company. To do it on a call-by-call basis, dial *82 before dialing the number, or 1470 ...
When someone blocks a phone it is because they do not want a number to call them. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do on your end to unblock your phone ...
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