How do I unclog a basement floor drain?


A person can unclog a basement floor drain by first removing any standing water. Next, a plumbers snake needs to be utilized. The crank on the snake should be turned.
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How to Unclog a Basement Floor Drain
There's nothing worse than finding that your basement floor drain has clogged up and there is water everywhere. Since the basement floor drain is usually the final stop for all pipes leading out of the house, tell family members not to run any water... More »
If your basement has flooded due to a your basement drain being clogged up, you can either call in a professional, or handle it yourself. The main tool you will need is a drain snake to remove the clog. You can find more info at:
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You can unclog a basement drain by using a plumber's snake tool. It isn't difficult to use even for someone without experience. It is a long skinny tool that can ...
This Old House recommends using a power auger, or snake, to remove clogs in the basement drain. A hand snake can be used to remove blockages if a power auger is ...
You do not want to put liquid plumber or drano down your drains. If you poor in a couple of cups of bleach that you use for laundry that will unclog most clogs ...
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