How Do I Unlock My Keypad on My Computer?


You first go to the Start Menu and access the Control Panel. Navigate to the “Accessibility Options” menu. The first tab controls accessibility options for your computer keyboard. If they are checked, uncheck all the tick-boxes for Sticky Keys, Filter Keys, and ToggleKeys. If you need them, adjust the settings on the appropriate “Settings” button for the function.
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1. Press the correct key combination. This is determined by the make and model of your phone. On many BlackBerries and some other phones, you generally press the "Send"
Usually you just use the Num Lock key to turn it on and off. What sort of
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1 Press Ctrl+Alt+Del . 2 Type your password 3 Click OK or press Enter . 4 The Computer is now unlocked . 1 Type your password 2 Click OK or press Enter . 3 The Computer is now unlocked
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