How Do I Unprotect an Excel 2007 Spreadsheet When I Forgot the Password?


If your Excel 2007 spreadsheet is password protected, then you will not be able to unlock it without the password. You may have to make a new spreadsheet with the data.
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1. Double-click the Microsoft Excel icon on your desktop with the left mouse button. 2. Select "File" and the choose "Open. Locate the file that you wish to password
Experts Exchange prefers that we do not post methods for unlocking worksheets and workbooks without the password, but, in the case of Excel, posting a link to another site that publicly
You won't be able to remove the password from a file if you aren't the creator or don't have administrative rights to the file. Someone password protected the file for a reason. If
I have many opportunities for resolving such problems but one of them is problem with excel files. Once I had similar issue and could resolve this proposition. The software should
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