How Do I Update My Verizon Phone Signal?


If you have service through Verizon wireless and you do not get good a signal. You are not able to update your signal. What may help you is trying to update your actual phone.
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1. Dial *228 on your Verizon phone and press the "Send" button. A recording will prompt you to select one of two programming phone options: program your phone or update
To update your Verizon phone's signal; in the Options
dail *228 then send and then press option 2 to update your roming capabily once a month helps to het better signal strenth.
Power on phone.Dial *228 and then press SEND(from home calling area only).When asked, press 2 to update your phones roaming capabilities.Confirmation message
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If you want to update your Verizon phone to stay on the Verizon Wireless network whenever possible, dial *228. They have a Preferred Roaming List (PRL) available ...
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