How Do I Upload Videos from My Phone to Facebook?


First, make sure that your cell phone number is registered with Facebook. Click on the tab that says 'Mobile'. On the Mobile page, click on the link that says 'Register for Facebook Mobile Texts'. This will open up a box labelled Step 1, which prompts you to choose your Country and Mobile Service Provider from two drop-down boxes. The next box, Step 2, tells you to do the following: 'Using your mobile phone, send a text message containing only the letter 'f' to 32665. A few seconds after you send your text to Facebook, you will receive a text back from Facebook that contains your alphanumeric mobile activation code
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1. Open the Web browser on your computer or smartphone and navigate to Log into your Facebook account in the usual way. 2. Click the "Send My Upload Email
1. Go to your Facebook home page. Just go to and log in if you haven't already. [1] Ad. 2. Click on "Add Photos/Videos. " You can find this option above
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You have to copy and paste the Url (site at the top of the computer screen) into your status or onto someone's wall. Then the video shall appear after you past the link. Hope this
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If you have a Smartphone like the iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or Nokia you can visit ...
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