How do you use a rivet gun?


To use a rivet gun, drill holes in both materials that you will be using the rivet to hold together then the holes should be large enough for the rivet to fit through, but small enough that the rivet just barely fits again insert the long pin of the rivet into the rivet gun this is what the rivet gun will grab onto and pull it through in order to constrict the rivet and cause it to hold then place the rivet through the holes, sliding a washer onto it on the other side if necessary, though the washer is optional, if the material you are using is soft or flexible in any way then you should make sure that you use a washer in order to keep the rivet from damaging the material or pulling loose finally squeeze the handle of the rivet gun, pulling the pin and causing the rivet to contract then the pin should snap off of the rivet when the rivet has flattened; if it doesn't snap off after you squeeze it simply release the handle and squeeze again and do not try to force the pin to snap off or you may damage the material or pull the rivet through before it has completely flattened.
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How to Use a Rivet Gun
Rivet guns are available as a hand-operated, air-operated or electrically-operated tool, and they require using the right tip attachment for the type of rivets being used. Find out how to use a rivet gun with instructions from an experienced carpenter... More »
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