How Do I Use My Web Cam?


Install the webcam and configure it with the MSN messenger, using a Web cam on MSN Messenger to chat on the Internet select' Show Menu' option and choose the appropriate choice. Conduct a live video chat with friends on MSN Messenger.
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A web cam is a devices use to broadcast a live picture across the internet. A web cam is a usb devices and you can take pictures and record videos in you home.
1. Decide how much money you want to spend. Webcams come in all different price ranges. You can buy one that's anywhere from under $20 to over $150. Choose a price that's the most
so the other person on another computer can see you when they are talking to you.
(wĕb'kăm') n. A digital camera capable of downloading images to a computer for transmission over the Internet or other network. [WEB + CAM(ERA).]
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