How do I view live satellite images?


The best places to view live satellite images of earth are the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s website and NASA’s website. NOAA’s website features images from live weather satellites, and NASA’s website offers a live satellite broadcast from the International Space Station.

The live satellite images on NOAA’s website mainly showcase the current weather patterns in different parts of the world, but it is difficult to distinguish any specific spot on Earth. These images are broadcast from NOAA’s geostationary satellites every 30 minutes.

NASA’s live satellite stream from the International Space Station showcases views of Earth roughly 40 percent of the time, whenever the crew is off-duty. When the astronauts are on duty, the live feed shows views from internal cameras that are accompanied by live audio of conversations between crew and the Mission Control network.

Other websites offer satellite imagery, and while these photos are updated frequently, they are not technically live. Google Maps and Google Earth use satellite imagery and both allow users to zoom in close enough to see individual buildings and houses. Yahoo and Microsoft offer similar services, such as Bing Maps and Yahoo Maps. The website Flash Earth also offers a single Flash-based interface to explore the satellite imagery used by Microsoft and Yahoo.

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