How do I Wash Chiffon?


Chiffon should be washed according to the care tags on the garment. Silk chiffon should always be dry cleaned. But, in some cases, you may be able to hand wash the chiffon.
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How to Wash Chiffon
Chiffon is a sheer and delicate fabric that can be made from nylon, silk, polyester or rayon. Chiffon has been used as an opaque fabric for curtains, dresses or other special garments. As most chiffon fabrics can only be dry-cleaned, be sure to read your... More »
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I suggest that you have it washed by a professional. Go to a dry cleaner because this stuff is indeed very delicate. But if you want to do it yourself, simply just hand wash it using a cold water and a delicate soap and just put it in a flat area to dry.
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