How to Wash Clothes?


To wash clothes, separate dark colors from light colors. Put your light colored clothing in the washing machine and select the correct water level. Choose a high water level if you have a full load. Pour in soap according to the directions on the
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1. Check the labels before throwing linen items in the washer. A good rule of thumb: for relaxed linens that look good with a few wrinkles, washing is OK. Crisp linens, like suits
To hand wash clothes it needs to be done one article of clothing at a time. First, fill the sink up with water and add some soap. After that stick in the clothes let them sit, then
1 Sort your clothes. Washing clothes by hand gives you a bit more leeway in organizing your loads, but your laundry should still probably be sorted before you start. Separate out
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Washing white clothes is best done in hot water and to help your whites get really white, add a little bleach. If there is a small spot of color on the fabric, ...
Your linen clothes will have a care instructions tag on them somewhere, probably the back towards the top. Some linen is washable, and some is dry-clean only, ...
Sort your black clothes before washing. Turn your black clothes inside out. Set your washing machine to a cold water wash. Use a color-safe detergent. Hang black ...
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