How Do I Wash off Pepper Spray?


Bathe affected areas with milk to neutralize the acid. Fill the spray bottle with whole milk and spray the areas of the body affected by the pepper spray. Wait until the stern burning reduces. Soak a clean towel with the milk and lay it over affected parts. Fill a large bowl with cool water and dish detergent. Saturate clean towels with the solution and lay them over the affected areas of your body until the burning reduces.
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How to Wash Off Pepper Spray
Capsicum oil is what makes the pepper spray burn when it comes in contact with certain areas of your body, especially the eyes and nose. If you get some on your body, you'll want to know how to wash off pepper spray to stop the burning. It is important... More »
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Washing off pepper spray can be very tricky. This is typically done with baby shampoo. Make sure to not rub the pepper spray into the skin or eyes.
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