How to Wire Two 12 Volt Batteries to Make 24 Volts?


If you are connecting 12 volt batteries together to make 24 volts you will need to do this in a series. Make sure you isolate the connections. You will connect the positive terminal of one of your batteries to the negative terminal of the other.
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1. Make a series connection to the two 12 volt batteries. Attach the positive ( and negative ( terminals from each battery together. Use the ½-inch end wrench to tighten the
Do you mean 2 x 12 volt batteries? If so: Wire 1st battery's + to load, wire it's - to the + of the 2nd battery. Wire 2nd battery's - to the other side of the load. * There are two
Connect one battery's positive pole directly to the other battery's negative
+ on one to the - on the other. then use the opposite + - for 24V.
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