How do I wire a ceiling light?


To wire a ceiling light, first unscrew it then make a note of the wiring order. Unscrew the fixture base and lower it. Use wire nets to connect any of the wires and return the wires, lay the light fixture then tighten them in place. Screw the bulb on, then the light fixture face plate.
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How to Wire a Ceiling Light
Wiring a ceiling light requires attention to detail and security. Ceiling lights are difficult to install because they are suspended. When you add in the danger of electrical injury, they become even more difficult. Failure to wire a ceiling light... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
You can wire up a ceiling by first locating with a mark where the lamp will be and then using a drywall saw to cut a hole for fitting the lamp. After this, turn off the power circuit by putting the breaker in the off position. Finally, attach the wires carefully to the switch in order to connect the lamp to the switch and make sure that wires go to the correct position by marching the colours.
To wire up a ceiling light, first turn off the power at the fuse panel. Next, use a stripper to strip off about six inches of the outer sheath of the wire, remove the inner wrapping and strip off about three quarters of the conductor insulation. Then, connect the ground wire from the feeder wire and fixture to the bracket ground screw. Tie the white wires together then connect the two black wires together with a wire nut. Lastly, push the wire back gently into the box adjacent to the bracket.
Turn off the power on the socket,remove light cover and bulb from the fixture, with a screw driver, unscrew the fixture base and lower it, remove the wire knots from the hot or black layer, white or neutral layer,green or ground wire, use wire nets to connect any of the wires and place the wires back, lay the light fixture and use a screw driver to tighten them in place, screw the bulbs, then screw the light fixture face plate.
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