How Do I Wire a Room Thermostat?


To wire a room thermostat, turn off the main switch in the circuit breaker. You must find the control board of the furnace. Attach thermostat wiring from the furnace to the place where you will install the thermostat. Thread the wiring through the back of the thermostat. Wires are colour-coded to fit each terminal. Test to see if the thermostat is working before screwing it in place.
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1. Turn off the power to your furnace and thermostat. Either turn the switch off on the outside of the furnace cabinet or turn the breaker off in the circuit breaker panel. 2. String
Some thermostats don't have a terminal for a common wire. They just receive 24vac from the transformer and when there is a call for cooling or heat closes contacts that send power
ChrisR - Thanks. Thats pretty much what I thought, altho I haven't had much joy getting anything out of Worcester. weargas - You must have too much time on your hands, if you can
1. Read the manufacturer's instructions. Before wiring a new thermostat into your wall, review all tips, suggestions and pictures provided in the instructions. Take heed to any special
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How to Wire a Room Thermostat
A room thermostat is the means of controlling your heating and air conditioning system. Low voltage (24 volt) wiring runs between the thermostat and the furnace. Typically there are several individual wires contained in a cable. Each of these wires... More »
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A room thermostat wiring diagram is useful because it labels where each thermostat wiring should be located. Good thermostat locations include the living room ...
To wire a honey well thermostat, start by removing the cover. Locate the wires connecting the thermostat and heater. Disconnect the wiring attached to the heater ...
The thermostat wire colors will likely depend on the thermostat that you buy but many manufacturers do try and use the same colors. The R or RH is red and 24 ...
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