How Do I Withdraw a Police Statement?


Withdrawing a police statement will depend on the circumstances on which you made it. You can make a retraction statement if you were the aggrieved person. You cannot however retract a statement if you are a witness precisely because you signed a declaration stating that what you said in your statement was true.
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As a rule, you're not permitted to withdraw an official statement once it has been recorded. You could recant the statement in court, but the prosecutor is probably going to ask if
A representative of a local police department fills out the information needed for a police statement. People who believed they have been a victim of a crime can either call the police
Yes, you can withdraw your statement. You just need to talk to the police and tell them that's what you want to do, They'll interview you, and ask you to make and sign another statement
When the statement in itself was not made legally, how can there be legal mechanism to withdraw the same? Embed Quote
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Withdrawing a statement to the police has to be done voluntarily, that is, at your own free will. This is true only in the case where you made the statement as ...
You can never withdraw a police statement, once you have made a statement. Conversely, you can always make an additional statement that clears up or else changes ...
To retract a police statement is to withdraw an accusation because it was untrue or unjustified. First complete the bid retraction form then provide the reason ...
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