How Do I Write a Letter Stating How Much Rent I Pay ETC?


In my experience, when writing a letter stating how much rent you pay, you address the letter, To Whom is may concern. In the body of the letter state, that I ( your name) pay ( whatever you pay) each month, on the 1st of each month to my landlord, ( state landlords name). Then sign the letter Sincerely and your name.
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Explain that room and board are part of your compensation package. For some jobs, such as nanny or housekeeper this would not be unusual.
Normally no one would sign such a letter. You would be a cosigner on the lease or rental agreement. Most landlords have no interest in such a letter. Your signature is not on their
Notarization does nothing more than guarantee the genuineness of the sigantures of the people who sign, and make a claim of forgery less likely. It has no effect on the purpose or
Ok I think I am understanding what is going on, when ever a parent wants to relocate out of state and the noncustodial parent has either joint custody or visitations though the court
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