How Do I Write a Separation Agreement?


To write a separation agreement, draft a document and title it “Legal Separation Agreement”. Below it, state your name and that of your spouse and declare that you want to separate. Create a section in the letter called “marriage and separation” and include the details of your marriage like when you were married and create other sections for child support, property and asset divisions and debt divisions and then print the document and have it notarized.
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1. Discuss your legal separation thoroughly with your spouse. You will want to ensure the legal separation agreement is both fair and thorough. Things that should be discussed include
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A separation agreement is a document that would include how the spouses would go about custody, divide assets and liabilities among other things. The usual way ...
Separation Agreement is a formal written agreement entered into by a married couple who wish to record the financial agreement that they have reached dealing with ...
1. Begin the agreement by writing in the full name and address of both the seller and buyer. On a separate line write in the full address of the property that ...
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