How do I write a sworn statement?


A sworn statement basically recites the facts that pertain to a legal proceedings. It is somewhat like testifying as your liable to perjury. You would type a sworn statement with your name at the top of the page as follows, 'Sworn Statement of Joe Doe'. You would then type the facts as the pertain to the legal matter. Make sure to label any locations with their proper name. When you are done you will write 'I state under penalty of perjury that the above is true.' sign and date the statement. Make a few copies as needed and deliver the statement to whoever asked for it.
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How to Write a Sworn Statement
When you write a sworn statement, you are testifying under oath, and your words will become part of the court record in legal proceedings. You need to know how to prepare a written, sworn statement so the court will accept it and so everyone can... More »
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A sworn statement is a legal statement by an individual related to a particular legal proceeding. Start by writing your name clearly. Next write out all facts ...
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