How do you write an eviction notice?


The most important factor to consider when writing an eviction notice is to look at the laws governing eviction notices in the city you are landlord. It is also good to follow the format used, keep the language official and state clearly how the notice will be executed, the time limits and the means of execution. More importantly, keep the language official without emotions.
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How to Write an Eviction Notice
Writing an eviction notice needs to be done with care. Be sure to check with the eviction laws in the city where your rental units are located. If the notice is filled out incorrectly, lacks information or is filed wrongly, the eviction can be dismissed... More »
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The process of writing an eviction notice is quite simple. Make sure you include the date on the letter. The letter must inform the tenant that it is a notice of eviction and it should list the violation that has caused the eviction notice to be drafted. Request that the property be vacated within an allotted amount of days, type your name and sign the notice.
When writing an eviction notice, state the name and the address on whom it is to be served. Refer to the governing laws and regulations under which the notice is served. State clearly the reasons for eviction. Use official language and stick to the point. Do not express emotions. State deadlines that must be adhered to.
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