How Do Illegal Immigrants Cross the Border?


The busiest access for illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border for the past five years is the 261-mile-long Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona. It is now known to be the deadliest point of entry as well.
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Walking through the desert for days under the scorching heat. Through tunnels that can be filled with water at any time. Smuggled behind the dashboard where if the driver loses control
Border agents arrest 1,500 people a day, with
We need a STASI style border, with a death strip, automatic machine gun turrets, and land mines. Either that, or just set up watch towers and shoot each one in the head as they cross
did they do something wrong? If not, don't report them. Besides, learn how to phrase a question. "Illegal immigrant expired visa" means there is such a thing as a visa for
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There are many ways that illegal immigrants can cross the border. Some are driven across by people that have been paid. Others walk across the border in remote locations while trying to miss the border patrol.
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