How Do Insects Reproduce?


Insects are asexual, meaning that they don't reproduce with anyone but themselves. They basically just lay eggs, this process is much faster than sexual reproduction.
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With around one million named species and perhaps several times that number unnamed, insects account for a great majority of the species of animals on earth. They are a tremendously successful group. More >>
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Most insects reproduce sexually. The male introduces the sperm into the female. Then the female lays eggs. Most insects do not have live births.
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Spider mites do the most damage to plants and they reproduce the fastest. Thanks
A few species, notably the fireflies, produce light, used as a signal in courtship, by a chemical reaction. The sexes are separate in insects, and reproduction is usually sexual,
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Many different insects lay eggs in order to reproduce. You can find insect eggs just about anywhere earth bound and organic. For example if you've every split ...
Bluebells reproduces through propagation by seed through sexual reproduction. They are usually pollinated by insects and after fertilisation occurs, the seeds ...
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