How Do Ipods Work?


First, you need to understand exactly what an iPod is before you can understand the answer to how do iPods work. An iPod is categorized as a MP3 player, or a portable music device. MP3 files are not saved in analogue form like music on a CD. However, an iPod also plays other types of files such as the ACC, WAV, AIFF, and Apple Lossless formats. An iPod is able to compress files, which is part of the reason that you can store so much onto your iPod. Your iPod can compress files to one tenth the size of the regular file without sacrificing a significant loss in quality for the music.
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How Do iPods Work?
With the ever-increasing variety of iPods on the market, the exact specs of each part differ depending on which iPod you have. However, they all have these essential elements: Hard drive, Apple click wheel or touch screen, display, battery,... More »
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An iPod works by storing music, videos, games, and pictures on an internal memory chip that you can access anytime you want to (as long as the battery is charged) for playback and your entertainment.
The way iPods work is actually very complex, yet simple. You download songs or CDs to your computer, and then load them into the software that your iPod came with, usually iTunes. After all the music files have been transferred over to the software, you plug your iPod into your computer, and transfer them from the software, straight into your iPod! Unplug and go! Instant access to all your favorite songs, wherever you go!
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