How Do Jet Streams Affect the Weather?


Jet streams are narrow fast flowing 'rivers' of air. They are formed by temperature differences in the upper atmosphere, between the cold polar air and the warm tropical air. They play a key role in the weather by steering storms and also helping determine where storms form.
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The jet stream is a 'river of air' high up in the atmosphere (above 20, 000 feet). These affect weather by steering storms. They blow from the west to the east in the northern hemisphere and do migrate from a northerly to a southerly route. If the jet stream is in a southerly path, the weather to the north of it will generally be cooler. You can find more information here: http://www. usatoday. com/weather/wjet. htm
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The jet stream affects the weather in a number of ways. The jet stream is a thin line of wind moving at a pretty fast pace. It usually forms along the west coast and makes its way
The Jet Stream is the current of circulating area that surrounds the entire planet. Through convection, the jet stream is able to disperse heat energy and help to keep temperatures
The jet stream produces thin bands of strong winds at the top levels of the atmosphere. Hot and cold temperature boundaries exist on either side of the jet stream. The winds blow
The Polar Jet Stream affects Siberia and it's the strongest jet stream
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